The Excalibur Knights Saga

This isn't your grandma's King Arthur story...

Experience the rise of Nate Arturi from meek geek to galaxy-class hero. Perfect for fans of sprawling space operas with deep character journeys. (Think "Mass Effect meets Arthurian legend," with a reluctant hero who has a lot of learning to do along the way.) 

Reading Order: Begin with The Eighth Excalibur and keep reading to watch Nate grow into the stuff of legends. The Excalibur Knights Saga is a completely new universe, so no need to worry about how it fits in with my other series. Enjoy the adventure!

The Harvesters Series

Big hearts and BIGGER swords prevail in this wild tale of fast talking mercs, ornery lady wizards, and bloodthirsty aliens!

Follow the misadventures (read: pants-wetting action and shenanigans) of Jarek and Rachel as they fight to survive a world ravaged by raknoth invasion... and to save it from far, far worse.

Perfect for fans of fast-paced action and irreverent humor. Contains snark. And swears. And characters you won't forget. Prepare to be entertained. (Probably.)

Reading Order: Begin with Red Gambit, or with either of the prequels, Soldier of Charity (Jarek's origin story) or Cursed Blood (Rachel's intro). The connected Enochian War trilogy (below) can be enjoyed before or after the Harvesters series.

The Enochian War trilogy

A secret alien invasion. A soldier with incredible abilities. One last chance to save his planet from devastation…

Experience the firsthand tale of how Haldin Raish came to lead the charge against the raknoth invasion of Enochia... and how what started as a simple fight for his life soon exploded into a battle for the future of Enochia's soul.

Perfect for fans of action-packed sci-fi with dystopian elements and a touch of the arcane. Also for fans of boy-meets-girl romance and cheeky red-heads who could make you laugh at a funeral. Prepare to feel things.

Reading Order: Begin with Shadows of Divinity and truck right through the trilogy. Fallen acts as a companion novel to Shadows of Divinity (chronicling the journey of the Seeker, Garrett, during the same events), and can be read at any time. The connected Harvesters series (above) can be enjoyed before or after the Enochian War trilogy.