February 10, 2018

First Look – The Enochian War Trilogy

They killed my parents.They branded me a terrorist.… I’ll show them terror. Enochia has been compromised. The Sanctum. The Legion. All of it. And I know what you’re thinking. A few days ago, I wouldn’t have believed me either. Not before I watched the High General of the Alpha-damned Legion sprout red eyes and tear my parents to bloody pieces. Now, I have some questions. And a High General to kill. Carlisle calls them the raknoth. Red-eyed demons from Alpha knows where. Carlisle says they’re aliens. Then again, he also moves things with his freaking mind—a gift he swears lies dormant in me as well—so I’m starting to get a little unclear on what I can and can’t believe.  I don’t know what the raknoth want. I don’t know how they’ve taken control of Enochia without anyone noticing a damn thing. All I know is that they picked the wrong planet to screw with. And I’m going to make them pay…

And now that I’ve dropped that on you out of nowhere, allow me to say hello, friends!

Welcome to the war for Enochia.

If it wasn’t clear, the above passage is my current crack at the sales page description (AKA what people will see on Amazon) for Book One of the series.

That being said, I’d love to hear how this first shot strikes you. Was it chills? Derisive eye rolls?

Does it sound like a book you’d wanna read?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

I was ALSO thinking about dropping the first chapter for you lovely ladies and goodfellows to dive into. But, well, it doesn’t even actually have an official title yet, so first things first, I guess…

… No, seriously. Let’s get this title thing figured out. Together. RIGHT NOW!

Don’t worry, I’ve got some options. Mostly, I just thought it’d be fun to let you guys weigh in on which ones you like the best!

You in?

Just hop over to the new Facebook group and cast your votes!

Lastly for today, since I loves my music and have convinced myself that this is a “fun” fact about the wild Writer Luke in his native habitat, I wanted to share two songs that’ve been seeing me through the Book One revisions.

The first one, Warriors, definitely has some lyrical resonance with the book, and it’s got that pump-up, movie trailer feel to it that I sometimes like to close my eyes and amp up to before I dive into the writing. (This song actually was used for one of the Wonder Woman trailers, speaking of which.)

The second tune, Old Friends by Darren Korb, tickles my fancy especially hard for a couple of reasons. First, it’s a great background song to work to. I’ve been listening to it on repeat for hours while I work. (Though, to be fair, I’ve been doing that with several songs recently.) Secondly, though, I freaking love that the song I’ve been doing a lot of these revisions to is called Old Friends, because that’s exactly what this book is. (I originally wrote this book BEFORE I’d even started The Harvesters Series, so we’re coming back full-circle on a nearly 3-year journey.)

If you’re looking for some mellow background music, I really dig the rest of Korb’s album as well!

Oh. And actually lastly, today’s the last day to enter this here giveaway:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Right, then.

Don’t forget to come join the new Facebook group and weigh in on titles!

As always, thanks for reading!

Have yourself a good one, book fan.


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