June 3, 2017

Free Books for Free (and other less catchy updates)

Hello, friends! I come bearing joyous news. And some status update stuff too, but that can wait. Joyous news first.

Free stuff (for FREE)

I’ll be honest, I’ve gone a bit giveaway crazy. In an effort to attract new readers, I’ve been trying multiple new things to see what works. But that part doesn’t matter to you. What does matter is that you can win lots of sweet paperbacks and other prizes just by signing up for either (or both) of these contests. 

You could enter to win over $100 worth of epic sci-fi and fantasy novels!

Or to win signed paperbacks from yours truly, Amazon gift cards, or other freebies.

Whether you chose to enter either or both, just don’t forget: you can earn more entries to your name by sharing your personalized URL after entering, so be sure to share if you want to improve your chances of winning. And now that that joyous news is out of the bag…

A brief status update

This is the part where I’m tempted to say something like, “Holy Jesus, have I been a busy little beaver this past month.” But I mean, really… When are any of us not busy? Life is hard, guys. Life is hard. Okay, maybe not really. Just busy! For those of you who are taking a break from your busy to check out my busy, though, here are some of the highlights from Luke Land for the past month. (Spoiler alert: I’ve been busy) Book Thing 1 – I wrapped up early revisions on book three of The Harvesters Series (working title: Reaping Day) and got that off to my developmental editor for some much-needed assessment (AKA story demolition/renovation). Book Thing 2 – I’m trucking right along on putting the final polish on book two, Hell to Pay, which will be publishing (fingers crossed) right close to June 15th. I’ve already said a million times (or at least five) how excited I am about sharing this story, so I’ll do one better today. I probably won’t have a finished cover until next week, but for now, here’s a low-res look at how the cover art is coming along and a choice excerpt from the book.

Read an excerpt!

Now we can both be excited, right? Right?! But really, this book is a pretty good time. If you enjoyed Red Gambit, I think you’ll love it. I hope you enjoy the excerpt!  That more or less wraps it up for the major business-end items. Juggling two books and a couple sweet giveaways. Geeze, I probably could’ve just written that and saved us all some time. If that’s where your interest ends, then by all means, go forth—enjoy that preview and rest easy knowing you can have the rest of the adventure for only 99 cents in a couple of weeks. For those of you who are curious about the man behind the keyboard, though, I’ll share a few personal highlights from the past month. And by “highlights,” I guess I mean major life events.  = ) Personal Thing 1 – I took a little break from writing and enjoyed myself a short Eurotrip, where I’m delighted to say I got engaged to the most wonderful little lady I know.
Needless to say, I’m quite fond of her—not to mention relieved she didn’t leave me over in Paris. Huzzah! Personal Thing 2 – In the midst of all of this, we’ve been working on selling our house and shipping up to Boston, where my lovely fiancé is preparing to start an awesome new position. So at the end of the day, who am I to complain about life being busy? Life is pretty damn good! And busy. But good busy.  = ) So now that I’ve finished yapping my yapper off, I should probably throw the editing cap on and get back to work. Or go unpack some boxes or something. I dunno. Life is hectic right now. At any rate, have a great week, friends! And, as always, happy reading! Cheers,Luke P.S. Don’t forget to enter those sweet giveaways up above! And if you have entered, remember to share your personalized URL to increase your chances of winning!    

Let me tell you a story. For free.

Jarek Slater has a world of problems.

A powerful weapon. A ruined world. A militia leader who want to control them both.

Who said growing up in the apocalypse was easy? 




5 stars


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