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Reaping Day (AUDIOBOOK Version – Harvesters Series Book Three)



For the first time in history, human and raknoth stand united against the doom coming to swallow them all whole.

Okay. On second thought, “united” is probably a strong word. Turns out, mutual fear of galaxy-conquering super monsters does not a steadfast alliance make. Especially not between the people of Earth and the very creatures who devastated it. So yeah. Problems.

Especially when Galaxy-Conquering Super Monster #1 arrives on the scene, cutting down raknoth like scaly weeds and telepathically devolving the armies of Earth into little more than frenzied hordes of wild animals.

Harvest is falling. And if Jarek and Rachel want to see their planet survive the week, they have one hell of an immortal, planet-killing monster to take down…

Grab Reaping Day now, and kick back for another action-packed adventure with Rachel, Jarek, and the rest of Team Earth!

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