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Shadows of Divinity (Enochian War Book One)


My name is Haldin Raish. Legionnaire.

And the High General just murdered my parents…

Welcome to the secret war for Enochia. Join Haldin today and prepare for a fresh sci-fi epic you won’t forget!


My dad was well respected in the Legion. Always had a reputation for doing the right thing, no matter the cost. He was a good man. And whatever he stumbled onto got them both killed. Messily.

Now, that red-eyed thing is coming for me.

It walks like the High General. Talks like him, too. But it's not. Human beings don't shirk off gunfire and smack grown men across the room like that. Not even High Generals. And he's not the only one.

The only reason I'm alive is Carlisle. I still don't understand how he found me that night, or how he does the things he does. Telekinesis. Inhuman speed. He tells me I can do these things too. I'm pretty sure he's insane. Or one of them.

But if the crazy bastard can help me get another shot at the thing that murdered my parents, well then… sign me up.

These things picked the wrong planet to mess with…

Grab your copy of Shadows of Divinity to begin Haldin's epic Enochian War journey today!

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