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Flight of the Huntress

An Excalibur Knights Short Story – 7,500 words

A routine meeting of Excalibur Knights quickly threatens to spark galactic war. Join Iveera Katanaga and the crew of the Kalnythian Wilds to experience the beginning of the Excalibur Knights Saga!

Life Shopping Incorporated

A Standalone Short – 8,000 words

What if you could test drive the career of your dreams right from the comfort of your own immersion rig? Neil Schuman's about to find out.

Scorched Earth

A Harvesters Intro Short – 5,500 words

No one ever said growing up in the apocalypse was supposed to be easy. But Rachel Cross will be damned if she's gonna let a few marauders roll in and take advantage of her homestead.

Road Trip

A Standalone Short – 4,300 words

Twin girls, a broken down solar car, and angry old father-son duo do not a lovely picnic make. This one might get awkward.

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